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Welcome to my first newsletter for The Lilies Project. If you haven't heard by now...

We Won! 

Walnut Cove is the site of a National Creative Placemaking Fund Project, which is sponsored by ArtPlace America. Together we can come up with creative solutions to address coal ash, 20 million tons of which sits in the Belews Creek community. 

the Funding period is from January 1st, 2018 - June 30th, 2020


This project began as an unexpected surprise in early January 2017 after seeing an ad from ArtPlace America on Facebook.  One year later we are launching an ambitious, yet hopeful campaign to reshape how our country addresses coal ash. 

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Our First Forty Days

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The Goals of The Lilies Project


the technology

Demonstrate the technology of the NC State A&T University Coal Ash Encapsulation Process in order to promote the building of a pilot plant at Belews Creek with the goal of eliminating the burial of new production coal ash 


the art

Create public art made out of coal ash installed in Walnut Cove with accompanying art throughout Southeastern Stokes County
Quarterly Community Building Workshops featuring Oral History, Visual Arts, Spirituals, Public Health, Environmental Justice, Renewable Energy


the people

Support impacted residents and the broader community through sharing about the health impacts of coal ash, what it's like living on bottled water, and to share their on stories in their own words.

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meet many of our amazing team members
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Lead Organizations

Stokes County Arts Council
Stokes County Historical Society
 Appalachian Voices
NC A&T State University

Project Leader

Caroline Rutledge Armijo


A Final Thought Before Launching

Thank you for your support over the last year, as I have picked your brain, dreamed of new ideas, asked technical questions, or asked for moral support. This project is the unfolding of a call that I heard about as part of The Servant Leadership certificate program at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Greensboro, NC. Just shy of two years from that February 2016 Call class, I am still incredulous that we are about to begin a new phase in this coal ash journey - The Beginning. 

Please follow along with the story. 

With much love and gratitude,

PS - I will attempt to continue sharing more personal insights on