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 Walnut Cove, NC is the site of a National Creative Placemaking Fund Project, The Lilies Project, which is sponsored by ArtPlace America. Together we can come up with creative solutions to address coal ash, 20 million tons of which sits in the Belews Creek community. 

Funding period is from January 1st, 2018 - June 30th, 2020

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What to Expect


the technology

Demonstrate the technology of the NC State A&T University Coal Ash Encapsulation Process in order to promote the building of a pilot plant at Belews Creek with the goal of eliminating the burial of new production coal ash 


the art

Create public art made out of coal ash installed in Walnut Cove with accompanying art throughout Southeastern Stokes County
Quarterly Community Building Workshops featuring Oral History, Visual Arts, Spirituals, Public Health, Environmental Justice, Renewable Energy


the people

Support impacted residents and the broader community through sharing about the health impacts of coal ash, what it's like living on bottled water, and to share their on stories in their own words.


from anywhere

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An introduction to The Lilies Project, a grant to create art out of coal ash and do accompanying programming in Walnut Cove, North Carolina. Stokes County is also the home of Belews Creek Power Station. Over 20 million tons of coal ash are stored at Duke Energy's facility in the community. The Lilies Project is a National Creative Peacemaking Fund grant, which is funded by ArtPlace America.

Lead Organizations

Stokes County Arts Council | Stokes County Historical Society | Appalachian Voices | NC A&T State University

Project Leader

Caroline Rutledge Armijo