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Clean The Cove - Lilies Planning

  • Walnut Cove Library Walnut Cove, NC 27052 (map)
Local citizens cleaned up the litter on the streets of Walnut Cove, NC on St. Patrick's Day 2018. Following the event, Clean the Cove organizer Adam Flinchum hosted a chicken stew in Flower Park. We planted flowers donated to the community by Paul J. Ceiner Botanical Garden and Old Salem. The Lilies Project, the producer of this short film, is a National Creative Placemaking Fund Project, funded by ArtPlace America, to create art out of coal ash in Walnut Cove, NC. For more information, visit

Thank you for all who came out to collect up litter Saturday morning (8 am - 12 pm) and returned for and chicken stew (5 - 8 pm) in Fowler Park. Adam Flinchum organized various routes. The Walnut Tree Community provided water and refreshments at stations throughout town. Over 1200 pounds of litter was collected! There is even more trash to collect. Please take an active role in preventing litter. It makes a tremendous difference in the appearance of the community. 

We planted a collection of native plants donated by Old Salem Museum and Gardens and Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens.

Flowers from Old Salem included:

  • Coreopsis --  full sun; height 24", bright yellow flowers, re-seeds
  • Great Blue Lobelia -- part-shade, like moisture; height 36", violet blue flowers in late summer; re-seeds. These flowers were planted a long the creek bed in Fowler Park. 
  • Native Columbine -- sun to part shade; height 30", red and yellow flowers; re-seeds
  • Spring Blue Phlox -- sun to part shade; height 12", fragrant lavender blooms in early spring, ground cover that will spread. These flowers were planted in the front garden bed at the entrance to the Walnut Cove Public Library.

Thank you to Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens for donating eight day lilies, which are a vibrant red variety known as Peace. They were planted in Fowler Park and next to the tree at the entrance to the Walnut Cove Publice Library.  

In collaboration with the Clean the Cove, we will continue collecting input on where to plan to plant lilies, daffodils and accompanying bulbs this fall. Please share your locations in the comments below or record them in the large, black notebook at the next event. 

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